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Fire Damage Testimonials

Fantastic team, fantastic service!


We had a fire in our home on 6.7.16. Needless to say it was devastating. We know you company deals with these situations every day and I am sure you receive a lot of reviews thanking your team but our experience was different than most. The team became part of our family. Matt worked with us every day and when a friend of ours had a fire we recommended you and told them to request Matt. Their insurance provided had already called you guys and Matt was already assigned to their job. A sign of relief was shared by all and we couldn’t have been happier.

My wife’s grandmother’s porcelain bowl, that was over 120 years old, was damaged by the firefighters. When you took it and it was returned it was more beautiful than ever. She cried when she saw it… irreplaceable. Thank you and please give everyone on the crew who took care of us a special thank you from our family!

Everyone has been polite, professional, respectful and helpful.  Thank You!

Real good job, hard workers.

Good guys, good service! Thanks!