SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown Employee Photos

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Mike H.

Mike has been with SERVPRO for 12 years and is our General Manager. What he enjoys most about his job is building relationships with his co-workers and watching them reach their full potential. In his free time he likes to be outdoors with his wife and children.

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Terri K.

Terri has worked as SERVPRO’s Office Manager for 3 years, but she takes a different approach to emergency response by using data on customer needs and concerns to create best response practices. If you’re a hiking enthusiast like Terri, you likely know that disasters can strike at any time. While preparedness is key, Terri has learned that it takes a team to overcome a disaster. That is why she utilizes her position as manager to empower a company culture of communication, support, and collective strategy.

She has always found value in making a positive impact on human lives through service. Looking back, it is no surprise that she found her way to SERVPRO as it fulfills her two part desire for service through expertise and empathy. When she is not collaborating with her team, she is volunteering, spending time with family, or exercising at the gym. To Terri, a home is a family’s sanctuary--a place to relax and feel safe. So when she is relaxing on the couch watching a compulsive amount of Netflix, she feels comforted by the knowledge that, should disaster strike, her team will have her back.

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Ken L.

Ken has spent 8 years with SERVPRO, most recently as our Marketing and Key Accounts Manager. Before making the move to marketing, he was our Large Loss Coordinator for 6 years where he built strong and lasting relationships through his ability to manage large projects and meet customer needs and deadlines.

In doing so, Ken organically marketed for SERVPRO long before it became his primary function. In both of his roles, he has tried to provide people with the best services in the industry. As our Marketing and Key Accounts Manager, he connects people with services, people, and resources that will provide them the best experience  In his spare time, Ken likes to travel and spend time with his two daughters and wife. He believes his most significant moments occur when he is able to see his children do what they love.

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Heather B.

Heather joined the company as a volunteer.. Her high engagement and ingenuity landed her in the role of HR Representative in flexing her interpersonal muscle, she facilitates communication and collaboration between the experts in our various departmental fields. In her high-impact role, she problem solves to create clear, positive solutions that affect employees and customers.

She promotes employee engagement and advancement by keeping the various departments current on new processes and events. We consider her the axel that keeps all of us spokes together and the wheel rolling towards our collective goals. When not here, she is often involved in some active and outdoorsy activities such as swimming, volleyball, and walking the dog.

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Michael T.

Michael organizes and coordinates with large teams and diverse companies to resolve what are often the largest disasters--commercial losses. He has a passion for establishing open communication channels so that customers are confident in the knowledge of their resolution time frames. He believes it is important to build trust and openness with his customers by relaying his expertise and keeping them informed and updated on the loss and our processes, steps, and time frames.

His greatest professional satisfaction is seeing our teams come together through cooperation and teamwork to accomplish the extraordinary feat of restoring flooded, multi-level buildings to their prior state. He facilitates this by guiding the many different parts of large loss mitigation. When not coordinating, he is often at home with his kids and dogs or out with them fishing on the lake.

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Joe F.

Joe Fife has worked as our Commercial Project Associate for almost 3 years. He utilizes loss research to optimize response strategies and routines. By overseeing projects and commercial losses through their completion, he is able to continuously research, train, and implement best remediation practices among our trained employees.

He loves what he does because he knows the value of a routine and enjoys helping people and companies return to theirs.

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Matthew M.

Matthew has been a Project Manager for SERVPRO for 8 years. He specializes in residential water damages and mold remediation. He enjoys the people and customers he works with. Matthew is married and has four children. He enjoys fishing and doing art with his daughters.

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Adonay M.

Adonay has been a Technician with us for a little over 3 years.  He is very passionate about employee safety regulations and ensuring their universal practice and adherence. Adonay prioritizes informativeness in order to best protect his coworkers and repair community members’ homes and businesses. He further enjoys supporting his coworkers by participating in our “on-call” program. Through support and leadership, he ensures quality work during night and weekend remediation services. When not remediating water losses in others’ homes, he loves being at home with his own family.

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